Take Caution Before Posting

You’ve heard it a million times. Be careful what you post online, because it’s there forever, supposedly even after you think you’ve deleted it.

I’ve read several articles in the news about how Facebook tried to smear Google’s reputation and how that ended up backfiring for Facebook. I don’t think anyone will stop using Facebook based on that bit of news. I believe that every company as big as Facebook and Google is corrupt to some degree. But when big, social companies like these two battle it out, our personal information is at stake.

Anyone can find basic information like your address and phone number quite easily, so there’s no sense in worrying about what you have no control over, but if you can choose not to display your personal information, then don’t.

If you’ve got something to hide, don’t put it online. If you do put information online, assume that anyone can find it – because anyone with the inclination and proper knowledge can find it. Assume that it will be there forever, even after you pressed the delete button.

It is tempting to vent about your personal life on your Facebook page or your blog, but think before you type. What if your boss or your husband or your wife or your kids found this stuff? A big company won’t care about the emotional impact of what you post online, but your social circle might.

Check your privacy settings and make sure they’re tight. Check them often, because Facebook has been known to change things without warning. And when typing in passwords, make sure you have a secure browser. It pays to be safe, especially when these big companies are battling it out and changing the rules all the time.

14 thoughts on “Take Caution Before Posting

  1. “A big company won’t care about the emotional impact of what you post online, but your social circle might.”

    The big company might, actually. I believe a lot of companies Google prospective employees (at minimum) before hiring them. Some probably do a lot more.

    I wonder about that with a lot of pictures people post on Facebook (drunken college carousing, etc.).


    • I don’t get why people still post that stuff even though they know (or ought to know) that prospective employers will be Googling them. Oh, well.


  2. Wise words! I know as an employer I always check a person’s social pages if I’m going to interview them. I’ve got a sense of humour but I’ve had colleagues pull an interview because of what they’ve seen on FB…


    • True – it’s strange what people leave on their profiles even when they know that employers check those nowadays.


  3. I don’t know why people even THINK half of the stuff they post. 😀

    What a waste of their limited time on the planet.

    As soon as I see that some is just a big whiny baby . . . I “unfriend” them. Life is too short to listen to people rant and rave about “nothing.”

    Oh, wait . . . am I ranting?
    And raving?
    And whining?

    Please, Maggie.
    Give me another chance. 😀

    Great post!


  4. Sometimes I over-think about what I write before I post it on facebook…but I guess it’s not a bad thing when you see how easy it is for information to leak out. I agree, it’s a great idea to double check privacy settings too.


    • I usually over-think everything before putting it online. It’s better than just rambling on and not paying attention to what you’re saying or what impact it might have.


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