Romance Novels: More Like Fantasy Than Fantasy

I don’t have anything inspirational or informative to write about on here today, so I’ll write about reading. Right now I’m 108 pages into a romance novel (Sweet Liar by Jude Deveraux). I usually don’t care too much for romances, but my best friend’s mom gave me a stack of them some time ago and I can never say no to free books.

A few things I’ve noticed after reading four of Deveraux’s novels:

1. The hero and heroine always manage to seriously annoy each other. (Other romance writers use this technique, but Deveraux has them practically at each others’ throats.)

2. Deveraux puts a little more work into describing the setting and developing the characters than other romance writers do.

3. The heroines tend to have daddy issues. Big time.

4. Deveraux’s novels (compared to other historical romances) usually feel more like soap operas; there are twists upon twists and all kinds of outrageous things usually end up happening. Sometimes these occurrences are actually quite funny.

Romance novels are usually more like fantasy than any fantasy novels I’ve ever read. They’re the ultimate escape from reality. Sweet Liar is especially entertaining, since it takes place in 1991 and is not technically a historical romance (yet). I love the descriptions of technology in the “dazzling high-tech nineties” (from the jacket blurb). I can just imagine the hero’s giant, ridiculously-slow-by-today’s-standards Compaq PC…

So, the take-home lesson is… romances are good for when you need a mental break.

4 thoughts on “Romance Novels: More Like Fantasy Than Fantasy

  1. Your comments are spot on, Maggie!

    I can read romance novels if they are short. If they’re too long, it becomes painful to wade through the ridiculous contrived fights and convoluted daily drama.

    Definitely for reading with brain half disengaged. 😉


  2. I’ve not read any of her books but I love a good romance – the main characters always seem to start off on the wrong foot, a fine line between love and ghate I guess 🙂


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