The Trenches of Revision, Part V

Ah, DAVID. Quite possibly the worst first draft I have ever written. It was a NaNoWriMo novel, so the hectic pace at which I wrote might be a factor in this draft’s badness, along with the fact that it was the first novel I’ve ever written in first person POV. (I like third person POV better.)

But I still believe the novel has potential. In a nutshell, it’s about the dangers of anonymity on the Internet and how a person can become a victim of harassment if they aren’t careful with their personal information. The topic is pretty relevant today.

There isn’t much dialogue in DAVID. I felt like my previous novels had far too much, so I deliberately kept dialogue to a minimum in this one. As a result, reading back through the novel was slow, but strangely enough, the characterization was slightly better because the characters were revealing their personalities by doing instead of saying.

I also remembered a trick from a fiction writing class I took in college:

If you’re reading through your own work and something seems just a little bit “off” to you, the reader/reviewer is far more likely to pick up on the error. It will seem much more obvious to his eyes because he is objective.

That has been proven true so many times, so as I read through DAVID, I was making note of anything that sounded strange to me and coming up with ideas on how to fix it.

Oh yes, the title is definitely changing – to either HATE MACHINE or LEGION.

10 thoughts on “The Trenches of Revision, Part V

  1. My writing’s always been filled with dialogue, a trait that I picked up from Isaac Asimov, it seems. Congratulations on succeeding at a new style.

    Regarding the title, your editor will likely pick something for you when you get it published.


  2. Revising can be so hard! I like writing stories better than editing them. But it’s good that you know what you think is wrong with it and that it still has potential. Good luck!


  3. Whatever the outcome of this particular novel, it sounds like it is really helping you grow as a writer! Going beyond your comfort zone is essential to moving forward so congrats on this big step!

    PS I love the title Hate Machine. It is metaphorical and has a great punch! I’d definitely check out a book with that title. ๐Ÿ™‚


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