Get Out More!

There’s a common cliche about writers. Non-writers imagine us holed up in dark, cavernous rooms scribbling out story after story (or poem after poem), never seeing the light of day.

We all know that’s not true.

But the truth is, we do tend to get stuck in front of computer screens and blank sheets of paper for a long time. That’s just part of writing. But there will come a time when we get sick and tired of doing that.

So get out! Get away from writing for just a little bit and go somewhere.

It doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive trip. Go to that new restaurant you haven’t been to yet. Go see a movie. Go for a joyride (not too long, though – gas prices being what they are). Take a walk in a different area of town.

A little trip can work wonders for our inspiration and creativity levels. You never know what you might see while you’re out.

8 thoughts on “Get Out More!

  1. Good advice, Maggie. We’ve been walking every morning. It’s a nice start to the day.

    We also try to do something “fun” and “different” each week. Last week ~ Sidewalk Astronomy to see the Rings (and moons) of Saturn.


  2. I have to remind myself of this all the time. I find going to an art gallery is the best way to get some inspiration.


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