The Demise of All My Children

I loved watching All My Children during my teenage years. It was amazing. The betrayal! The drama! The angst! Characters never actually died. The show’s writers would make it seem like that fiery car crash had destroyed them, but they’d resurrect a year or so later. Characters we swore were only children would end up with a long-lost twin. Husbands cheated on their wives. Wives cheated on their husbands. Erica Kane, AMC’s iconic character, was married 10 (or was it 12?) times.

No matter what happened on the show, watching it was a great escape from reality. Speaking of reality, reality TV shows have been taking the place of soap operas for some time now. But I’d still rather watch a traditional soap opera than a show like Jersey Shore or 16 and Pregnant. At least there’s the reassurance that a soap opera is all fictional.

6 thoughts on “The Demise of All My Children

  1. I have those same memories. Even though I haven’t watched the show in years, I’m still sad that it’s being cancelled. All I can think is: Erica Kane, what will you do next?

    And now I’ll never know…


  2. While I watch a lot of TV (too much) I don’t watch soap operas or reality TV. Unless things like Beast Hunter and Fact or Fact are considered “reality TV”. Though back in the day I wasn’t against watching an episode or two of Real World (before it went into its 50th season). But that’s what makes writing so fun, anything can happen. It’s especially why I like writing fantasy.The sky is the limit.


    • Watching soap operas was one of the things that inspired me to write. It’s nice to “play God” with your characters.


  3. My soap of choice was Days of Our Lives, but I was sad to hear about All my Children. After so many years, hope there will be a satisfying ending for all the fans.
    That’s awesome that watching soaps inspired you to write!


  4. I’ve never watched Soap Operas. And when favorite shows (like LA Law) turned in to Soap Operas, I turned them off. 🙂

    Hope that they give All My Children an appropriate send off that pleases its loyal viewers.


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