And the Quote of the Day Is…

Every time I write in my journal, I start the entry with a quote, whether that quote has anything to do with the entry or not. This is today’s quote.

“The pain passes, but the beauty remains.” – Pierre-Auguste Renoir

On a level of physical beauty, the quote makes no sense. It is painful (time-consuming and expensive, too) to be conventionally “beautiful”: to shave, to work out, to eat healthy, to wax or pluck unwanted hair, to have cosmetic surgery, to get tattoos and piercings… Yes, the pain may pass, but will we stay “beautiful” if we don’t maintain ourselves?

Of course, that’s not really what Renoir meant. I think he was talking about the pain of life, and how, after it passes, we have the opportunity become spiritually strong, resilient, and beautiful.

Or he might have been talking about art. Some writers and artists describe it as painful to rip their work apart, start fresh, or edit. But the beauty in the piece remains. Perhaps it is even enhanced by the pain we go through as we strive to perfect it.


8 thoughts on “And the Quote of the Day Is…

  1. Maybe he meant that the painful parts of life pass, but the beauty of it remains. It can be taken in many different ways, and I’m no philosopher. And sometimes people just say things that sound good, but they don’t even know what it means 🙂


    • That’s a good interpretation… and that’s what I love about quotes. They can have so many different meanings.


  2. I’ve interpreted it in light of a parallel quote from Shadowlands: Sorrow is the price we pay for Joy.

    We are sad when we must say good-bye to people, places, and things we’ve loved . . . because of the JOY we received from them.

    Without the joy, there would be no sorrow ~ because we wouldn’t care about them leaving.

    Once the sorrow or pain passes, the joy and beauty lingers.

    Great quote. Thanks, Maggie


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