Featured website: mudboard.com

Similar to sites like PaperDemon and deviantArt, Mudboard is a place where you can post not only your writing, but other types of artwork as well – even movies, photography, and original music. The viewing panel is very nice – you can link to other works that inspired you and works that were inspired by yours. As with all of these types of sites, you can write reviews and rank the different types of art.

Like deviantArt, those who really enjoy your work can purchase it (through PayPal). There is some really good stuff on Mudboard, so check it out and post your work!

3 thoughts on “Featured website: mudboard.com

  1. Hi there, it’s fantastic website. Thanks for the heads up. By the way the when you click the logo it goes to another website. Just letting you know. Thanks again.


    1. Thanks for letting me know – I’ll make the banner link to the actual site in later blogs. 🙂


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