Last Month Was March, Now It’s April, and May Comes Afterwards

The subject line is a nod to Miss Rebecca Black. 😛 Anyway… April is my favorite month – and it’s finally here again! It’s my favorite because…

1. Easter tends to fall in April… most years. I love Easter.
2. It really starts to look and feel like spring outside.
3. Earth Day! (April 22)
4. I have so many good memories of Aprils past.
5. My parents’ wedding anniversary.
6. Flowers!
7. The madness of Script Frenzy

So… what’s your favorite month? Why is it your favorite? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Last Month Was March, Now It’s April, and May Comes Afterwards

  1. Yes, I give all my respects to Rebecca Black 😛
    I’d say July too. The heat is spectacular, many birthdays(including mine, but that’s not my reason for July being my favourite) and the feel of summer is just awesome. Second up would probably be June, then December. To be honest, I like every month of the year but January, February and October. The rest all seem to be quite relevant. 🙂


  2. I’m with T. S. Eliot: April is the cruelest month. It’s when the weather in the south turns hot and sticky. Give me fall with its promise of cool air for months to come.


  3. I love spring too. Except for the pollen. My favs would be either April or early May. My wife and I got engaged on the very first Earth Day!

    — Judson


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