The Black Hole of the Internet

I feel like I’m constantly online. I have to be watching my email for work, so I feel like a very strong magnet keeps drawing me back into my chair.

It’s nice to get away from the Internet for a few days or a weekend if you can. But when you come back, there’s an overload of information to catch up on. All those blog posts you haven’t read – all the cool pictures on Tumblr you haven’t seen – all those tweets with good links that you haven’t clicked – it’s terribly overwhelming.

I’m trying to combat too much Internet use by shutting my computer down earlier and earlier in the evening. I’ve gotten all my work done and I don’t need to go on the computer anymore today. Time spent outside of the Internet is very precious. Get some face-to-face time with people. Read a book (not an e-book). Play with your pets. Take a walk.

When you return to the Internet after an extended period, it often seems very… unfulfilling. What was I spending hours glued to the computer for? There’s not much substance here… Nothing compares to life away from the screen. Today’s message is… back slowly away from the black hole of the Internet before you lose yourself. 🙂

9 thoughts on “The Black Hole of the Internet

  1. I’m doing the same, Maggie.

    I spend a few hours on line in the morning. Then break away for the afternoon and evening. And I’m turning off my computer earlier at night.

    YAY for life in the real world.


    1. All anyone really needs is just a few hours online. Maybe two a day, max. The rest is usually just procrastination. 🙂


    1. I’ve only taken one online class and that was because it was the only type of class offered and I needed it to graduate. I don’t really care for them much either.


  2. Yes, internet is a major distraction from real life.

    I think it is worth fasting the internet for 1 week every month. Just to show that we are in control.

    I think it is a crutch and addiction for people who don’t have outgoing personalities and who are shy, or feel inferior. They can be whomever they want online. It can be very dangerous.

    You are right, we need to get out!! Internet should be something we do when there is nothing else to do. It shouldn’t be a valid means of social exchange. It isn’t very ‘social.’


    1. Like all things, Internet use should be kept in moderation. I like the idea of “fasting” from the Internet for a week every month.


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