Featured website: authorsinfo.com


I’m constantly stumbling upon new and largely unknown websites for writers and those interested in the publishing world, so of course, Author’s Info stuck out to me.

You can create a profile, connect with others who might read your work or who are writing in the same genres as you, and upload information about your writing.

The website seems to be a type of “Facebook for authors” – it’s got a chat feature, you can upload photos, and you can “like” things. Facebook isn’t my favorite social networking site, but as the majority of people use it, I can see how Author’s Info would want to use that model.

Sign up and enjoy! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Featured website: authorsinfo.com

  1. Hi, there!

    I went to their site and signed up, but the site seems to be broken. I can’t find you as a member (says you don’t exist), and I cannot upload a profile photo.

    Ah, well…

    Thanks for the idea, nonetheless



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