The Trenches of Revision, Part III

For March, I’m editing JONAH, which is the third in a YA paranormal romance series. It’s going fairly well so far, except I’m coming upon this massive dilemma about how to handle the supernatural element. Should this supernatural element somehow have some kind of scientific explanation? How did it come about? How can supernatural powers be transferred from one character to another?

I’ve got a bunch of answers to those (and more) questions, but which answers will work best with the story? I’ve been writing pieces of backstory to try and figure out how the supernatural powers originated and I’m definitely getting somewhere.

My subconscious mind works on it while I’m asleep and when I wake, I sometimes get more possible answers. I keep telling myself that the more I work on it, the more the supernatural elements in the story will fall together.

Patience and epic brainstorming sessions are key.

On the plus side, I’ve got a major part of the plot already worked out. I know my characters pretty well and I’m getting to know them better, although there are some parts of their backstories that they’re reluctant to tell me. The rough draft wasn’t as rough as some of my others.

And I know I definitely want to change the title. I love knowing something for certain. JONAH just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

6 thoughts on “The Trenches of Revision, Part III

    1. I’ve recently discovered that I don’t really like one-word titles as much as I used to. One of my problems is coming up with good titles. 🙂


    1. There are lots of titles I think are awesome (Girl, Interrupted – Requiem for the Sun – A Natural Death), but I want to avoid anything that starts with an article. I feel like there are too many books that start out with “The ___” or “A ____” That was initially why I liked one-word titles – they avoided articles – but now they don’t satisfy me in terms of giving a glimpse of what the book is really about.

      Hmm… I need to take a trip to the library and see what titles they have there. Thanks, Nancy! 🙂


      1. Some title I like without articles:

        Eat, Pray, Love
        Sense & Sensibility
        Pride & Prejudice
        Wuthering Heights
        Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone
        Brave New World


        1. I like Eat, Pray, Love and Brave New World – and now that I think about it, Bleak House is a really evocative title too.


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