Poetry in Reverse

I got this idea from one of Nancy’s blogs and decided I’d try it myself.

Take a poem and reverse it. Put the last line first and continue until the first line of your original poem is the last line of your new one. Then revise it.

Original: Virginity 76 (May 16, 2005)

Spiderwebs under my bed,
mist of forgotten dreams.
Clouded sky above my head,
dying to weep the rain.

Let me sleep forever here,
remember what I’ve lost.
Let me hold you ever dear,
crying to seal my pain.

You are lost within my bed,
gone but not forgotten.
You hold every tear I shed.
Keep my pain upon you.

Reversed: To See Rain

Keep my pain upon you, because
you hold every tear I shed.
You’re gone, but not forgotten,
once lost within my bed.

You cried to seal that pain.
You let me hold you ever dear.
I remembered what I’d lost.
“Let me sleep forever here,” I said,

“I’m dying to see the rain.”
Clouded sky floated above my head,
mist of forgotten dreams hovered.
I touched the spiderwebs under my bed.

Interesting… I like the new version.

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