Writing forum – tomecity.com/smf

I’m not sure if I’ll be using this particular forum, but I’m just throwing it out there for anyone who stumbles across my blog.

Tome City is constantly adding features and is appropriate for all kinds of writing. Post whatever you like and get feedback, chat on the forums, work on collaborative fiction, and more.

Tome City is an outlet for you to advertise and sell your book. They will soon have an e-book store. You can get in touch with artists who can design cover art for your book.

Tome City also says its writers can make money. This feature is available on a “beta” basis for now, and may be taken away. Of course, as with most writing, you won’t be making very much money.

If any of these features interest you, head on over to the forums!

5 thoughts on “Writing forum – tomecity.com/smf

  1. I may have to check this out. Still wrestling with the idea of self-publishing. I said “no way,” and I still say it, but I’m getting tired of no one reading my stuff.


    1. Self-publishing bothers me. I have very mixed feelings about it. But you’re right – no matter what avenue you choose, be sure someone objective reads your work! 🙂


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