Want Indie eBooks? Visit smashwords.com


If you’re an author, it’s easy to upload your work to Smashwords. Get a free account, format your work in a Microsoft Word document (.doc), then click “Publish” to upload your book and a cover image.

Of course, you’ll have the usual worries about publishing a book this quickly and easily. How will I make money? What is the cost of publication? What about quality control standards? With Smashwords, there is no cost of publication. There is an on-site marketing guide to help you make some money, but beware – very, very few authors make a substantial amount of money. If you want to make more money, thoroughly research marketing and create a careful strategy.

As for quality control, Smashwords doesn’t have an in-house editing team, so you’re on your own. I’d recommend letting as many impartial people read your book as possible. Look for those who have a background in English or who work in a field where they write a lot.

But if you simply want to get your work out there and you’re not terribly interested in money, give Smashwords a shot!

4 thoughts on “Want Indie eBooks? Visit smashwords.com

  1. Thanks, Maggie.

    I wonder how many “half done” books have been published this way? Even a low cost would make people think twice before pressing “publish.” 🙂


    1. And, even if they are “finished,” they may not yet be ready for prime time viewing ~ typos, mistakes of grammar, plot holes, undeveloped characters, etc.


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