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Unlike most websites where you can submit your writing for others’ approval or disapproval, WEbook charges a fee for each story submitted. Why the fee? Because if your book or story gets ranked high enough, it may eventually be reviewed by top literary agents. In essence, you could be “discovered.”

The initial submission fee is $3.95, which isn’t bad, considering the exposure you could get if your work is good and you are confident in your abilities.

Full-length books go through three “rounds” and they are:

Round 1: Readers rate your book’s first page and decide whether or not it is good enough to be promoted to the second round.

Round 2: Readers rate your book’s first five pages. If they are favorably impressed, your book will move up to…

Round 3: Experienced readers rate your book’s first 50 pages. If you win you can take part in the…

Literary Agent Showcase, where your work will be promoted to the pool of agents and you may even secure a publishing contract!

That’s just the bare bones of WEbook. Check out their website and FAQ if you want to know more. If you’re really dedicated to improving your writing and putting yourself out there, the $3.95 submission fee will be worth it. 🙂

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  1. Thanks, Maggie.

    WEbook also offers FREE accounts to writers ~ all you need is an e-mail address to set up the account.

    Once your account is active (in minutes), you can post as many stories, poems, and novels on the account as you want. Other writers (and readers) can provide informal feedback to you on everything you post, unless you keep it private.

    You can join collaborative projects that you set up, or that are already set up. Or you can write be the sole author. Many poets, for example, contribute to many different collaborative projects.

    I wrote on WEbook for 2 years and had three of my submissions selected for publication in three different anthologies (which are now sitting on my bookshelf).

    Like most sites, it has its pluses and minuses.


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