Why You Should Visit a Library

I’ve had my library card since I was in third grade. It still has my childish signature on the back and over time, it has become one of the best things I own. I can literally spend hours in the library. If you love to read, the public library (and your library card) should be your best friend. Here’s why:

1. It’s free. Most libraries have e-mail systems that remind you when your books are due so you can avoid fines.

2. Access to huge, expensive reference books that you wouldn’t want to buy or keep in your house.

3. Quiet atmosphere.

4. Most libraries have wireless Internet access and computer services.

5. Rare books. Newspaper and magazine archives. Good information about local history.

6. Book clubs.

7. The Bookmobile!

What do you love about the library?

D.H. Hill Library at NC State University

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Visit a Library

  1. I love libraries!

    The day we got our Florida licenses, we headed straight around to the library to get our library cards. We borrow books, movies, and CD’s, and we’ve attended lectures on Architecture, the Environement, etc..

    There is a post on the history of Lending Libraries that I expect you would enjoy, Maggie:


    Before reading the article, I had no idea that lending libraries started out with a “bad reputation.”



  2. Hi Maggie! This is going to sound odd, but I love the smell of a library….al those wonderful books of different ages…. forgot to mention it in my library post. I just walk in and before I even scan the titles, I take a deep sniff 😀


    1. Not odd at all! I like the smell of books and libraries, too. One of the main reasons I’ll never get an e-reader! 🙂


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