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I’m not into collaborative writing (because I’m a control freak when I get really into a story), but if you’re into that kind of thing, StoryJoin might be a good website for you.

Read finished stories, start your own story, or contribute to an unfinished story – it’s up to you. You can write as much as you want on any particular story, but be open to the many ways in which a story can go!

The website seems to be fairly new and simple; there aren’t many features and only 8 categories of writing you can submit work under. I’m not sure if fanfiction is allowed or not.

Either way, collaborative writing is a good exercise to hone your skills, meet other writers, and perhaps get some good ideas. Check it out! 🙂

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  1. Sometimes I wish I had it in me to do some collaborative writing. It seems like it would be nice to have a little bit of help, and not have to do everything on your own. But I too am a bit of a control freak. I usually have a vision as to what the story will be like and do not usually like to deviate from that. At least not at first.


    1. It really depends on the kind of people you write with, too – there are some who don’t really understand why certain things in the story should be the way they are, but there are other types of people who do understand and who write the story for the story’s sake and not for their own personal whims. It’s really hard to get good people to write with.


  2. I read this singing, “I walk alone . . . ” by GreenDay (Boulevard of Broken Dreams) under my breath.

    I’ve never been interested in writing with a partner or a group. To me, what I like best about writing is its solitary aspects.

    Thanks, Maggie.


  3. @nrhatch The site sounds like it’s more for fun then serious work. It sounds fun collaborating with other people and seeing how the story ends, but if your looking for your work to get published there are other sites that offer that too. I love writing so any place that allows me to do that, I’m happy.


  4. My friends and I use to do something like this for fun…I’ll definitely check it out and let them know about it, sounds fun!


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