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What’s unique about Wattpad is that it is specifically optimized for mobile phones so you can read your favorite online writing wherever you go.

You can post nearly anything – poetry, short stories, novels, fanfiction. As with most writing sites, mature content is restricted – you can post it, but you can’t go into too much detail and you must include tags/disclaimers so readers know what they’re in for. The site lets you upload book covers, which is nice because not every writing site has a separate feature for that. You can also include YouTube links when you upload a story, which is nice if you have a book trailer or some other material that goes well with the story – like a music video or a song for a writing soundtrack.

The site has a neat little feature in the upper right hand corner called “shuffle.” Click it and it’ll send you to a random piece of writing. I like randomness, so this is pretty cool.

You can either copy and paste your work from your word processor, upload it directly, or type it into the Wattpad box. (Uploading directly from a folder on your computer is the quickest and most efficient way.)

Ever use Wattpad? Let me know what you think! 🙂

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    1. I don’t even have a phone, so the mobile feature isn’t of any use to me – but someone may find it useful! 🙂


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