Need Help with Character Development?

I discovered this LiveJournal community about a month ago and wish I had found it sooner. All the memes you could ever want – right here at the OC Meme Central.

Here are two from there. Feel free to use them for your own characters. 🙂

Meme 1

Instructions: Pick as many characters as you desire and have them answer the meme. Enjoy!

1. What do you look for in a partner?

Peter: She has to know when to keep her mouth shut.
Andrew: Nice personality, I guess? I don’t really pay attention to these things.

2. If you could go anywhere, regardless if it’s real or not, where would you go?

Peter: Narnia.
Andrew: Another planet that supports human life. There has to be another, somewhere in the universe.

3. Who is your arch nemesis?

Peter: I have a lot of those. I’m not telling who they are, either.
Andrew: Don’t you have to be a super hero to have an arch nemesis?

4. What’s your AIM/MSN/etc. name?

Peter: How dare you ask me that? You stalker!
Andrew: Don’t do much instant messaging.

5. Favorite video game?

Peter: Kingdom Hearts.
Andrew: Old school stuff, especially the 8-bit version of Mario.

6. Favorite hobby?

Peter: It used to be basketball.
Andrew: Playing my saxophone.

7. Weirdest dream?

Peter: Is this a psychological evaluation or something? *looks around suspiciously*
Andrew: Supposedly we have at least five dreams per night. Four of mine are about sex and I don’t usually remember the fifth one.

8. Favorite song?

Peter: Get back to me in a month and I’ll have the answer to that.
Andrew: “Speech Impediment” by August Burns Red

9. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Peter: Candlelight. Lots of candlelight.
Andrew: Like I said earlier, I don’t really pay much attention to these things.

10. Pirates vs. Ninjas?

Peter: Ninjas. But if this really is a psychological exam, I’ll choose pirates instead.
Andrew: Neither. Zombies.

11. What is your weapon of choice?

Peter: So now they’re assuming I’m out to hurt people?
Andrew: I’m a pacifist.

12. What do you do when you’re upset?

Peter: Sit in my room and cry – not. Might as well satisfy the examiners and say I go out and hurt people. But that’s a joke, too.
Andrew: Listen to music and cancel out the world.

13. Twilight vs. Harry Potter?

Peter: Potter.
Andrew: Both are not my thing.

14. Boxers or briefs?

Peter: Are you going to ask for my social security number next?
Andrew: Boxers. Why does this matter?

15. All done! Any final words?

Peter: So, what’s my diagnosis?
Andrew: *puts on his headphones and doesn’t hear the question*

Meme 2

1. Do you like this character?

Sarah: Not really – she’s one of the antagonists.
Leah: She’s probably my favorite. I’m rooting for her!
Rachel: Another antagonist, so I would go as far as saying I hate her.

2. What do you call this character?

Sarah: The Faker
Leah: The Virgin
Rachel: The Bitch

3. Which color do you associate with this character?

Sarah: Pink
Leah: Blue
Rachel: Red

4. What do you like best about his/her look?

Sarah: She always dresses like she stepped off the pages of Seventeen.
Leah: Her hats. Leah always has cool hats.
Rachel: She doesn’t overdress.

5. What do you want to tell that character?

Sarah: Grow a brain. (You will by the end of the story.)
Leah: Keep your head held high.
Rachel: I wish I could kill you off, but you’re essential to the plot.

6. What do you want to do with this person: hug, kiss or shake?

Sarah: Shake.
Leah: Hug.
Rachel: Push off a cliff.

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