Need Random Story Ideas? Check This Out.

If you are ever bored or need a productivity boost or quick writing exercise, use The Story Starter.

With one click, you can get a prompt. Here are three I got:

The tired pastor opened the safe in the garage to uncover the plan.

The sly wedding coordinator wiped off the fingerprint the small town for the surgeon.

The deaf checkers champion produced a movie in the school for the poor family.

The second one doesn’t make sense, but I suppose you could get it to make sense in some way. Usually all you need to create a story is just a seed of an idea, and these prompts are just that – seeds.

Happy writing! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Need Random Story Ideas? Check This Out.

  1. These are really similar to a weird Christmas gift I received – “The Writer’s Toolbox.” It’s a box full of writing prompts and character ideas printed on cards, wheels, and popsicle sticks. Bizarre, but fun.

    What sounds more fun than actually using the prompts is making a toolbox of my own ideas and giving that to someone as a gift.


  2. I like writing prompts too, although I find those ones too prescriptive and detailed. On my blog every week, I post a photo as a writing prompt. See ‘Wordless Wednesdays’.


    1. Photos really do make good writing prompts – I remember that one creative writing teacher I had used them a lot. Thank you for commenting! 🙂


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