Words We Should Use More Often

OK, so I cheated a bit. Some of these words aren’t even English, but they sound good, so I included them. Here’s my list of awesome words, so enjoy!

1. excelsior – I don’t care what it means. It sounds jubilant and would be a good all-purpose word to take the place of “awesome” and “epic.”

2. sehnsucht – One of those German words that sums up in one word what could be said in a long English sentence. This one means “longing” or “craving.” And it’s the title of a Rammstein song.

3. demasiado – Spanish word meaning “too much.” It sounds so much better than saying “too much” in English.

4. ex nihilo – I cheated again – these two Latin words mean “out of nothing.” My rule of thumb is that nearly everything sounds a lot better in Latin.

5. deterrent – This word probably sounds cool because it has two r’s right in the middle of it. I like the meaning, too: “a thing that discourages”

6. esoteric – One of my all-time favorite words in high school (and still is my favorite today), it means “understood only by a select few”

7. copacetic – Nobody uses this word in speech. And they should. I didn’t know it existed until I heard this song.

8. polemic – One of those really pretentious academic words that Harold Bloom uses in his books. If you use this word in college research papers, your professors will like you.

9. malarkey – Nonsense! It’s a funny word to use.

10. carbuncle – Again, just another funny-sounding word. Basically anything that rhymes with “uncle” is comical.

Hope you enjoyed – let me know what some of your favorite words are! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Words We Should Use More Often

  1. I like these words. You are demasiado!

    My faves from your list: esoteric and marlarkey. I also like: eclectic, especially in juxtaposition with esoteric.

    And that’s no markarkey!


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