2011: Back to Paper

Over the last few months I realized that I miss writing on paper instead of typing everything out on-screen.

I miss the way I could doodle in the margins.

I miss putting stickers on the notebooks and scribbling randomness all over the covers.

I miss the feel of the pen in my hand and the smoothness of the ink on the page.

I miss the smell of paper, the weight of the notebook as I held it.

(I even miss trying to decipher my own awful handwriting.)

I miss the good old days before I had a computer. I had no choice but to write in notebooks. I never thought I’d miss “the old-fashioned way.” But I do.

Some say that the physical act of writing gets your brain working better than it would if you were typing instead.

So I’m going back to paper in 2011. I have a lot of pretty new notebooks that I want to use. Maybe I’ll even try to write slowly, so I can improve my handwriting.

8 thoughts on “2011: Back to Paper”

  1. Just like I love having a real book in my hands, I too like notebooks to write in. But I can’t write fast enough most of the time to keep up with my brain. Though I do find that writing it out on paper and then having to type it up and give it another look over will help weed out a lot of things you might have otherwise missed. It also takes twice as long to do things, so I always type things up (unless I don’t have any electricity). Now I just use notebooks for my notes. Though I still do doodle in the margins, etc! 🙂 At the moment I have quite a few notebooks lying around, each for different purposes. One to write down little ideas or observations that I might be able to use at a later date, one for the book I’m working on, one for other story ideas, etc. I don’t think notebooks will ever truly go out of style for me.


    1. Same here – I type a lot faster than I write. I never actually physically write my stories, like you said, it takes twice as long when you write them, then have to type them into the computer to edit them. I’m going back to paper for journaling. Writing on paper is definitely not the same as having a typed journal – it feels so impersonal.


  2. Journaling on paper . . . much more better.

    For everything else, I prefer the keyboard and screen. I can even type with my eyes closed to get in touch with my deepest thoughts.


    1. If I actually wrote with my eyes closed… let’s just say there would be more writing on my desk than on my paper, haha!


  3. Great post… I type all day in work so it’s refreshing to come home and actually put pen to paper! Also, you don’t have to wait for the computer to boot-up and find the files you’ve been working on. You can literally start writing immediately, which is great when you’re trying to grab those odd 10 minutes throughout the day!


    1. That’s true – and you can also shut down the computer completely and not have to worry about getting distracted on the Internet! Thank you for commenting! 🙂


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