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The Muse Bunny

Is your mind overrun with plot bunnies? Come to The Muse Bunny forums and get them sorted out, put into cages, fed, and watered!

The Muse Bunny is a forum that takes the focus away from critiques and reviews and puts it on writers interacting with each other. The focus is on activities, contests, and events that make you a better writer.

No matter what kind of writing you do (short stories, novels, poetry, fanfiction), you can find a kindred spirit on The Muse Bunny.

Check out The Muse Bunny rules here and “hop on over” if you think you’d be interested! (Urg, bad pun!)

4 thoughts on “Writing Forum – The Muse Bunny

  1. Hi, Maggie!

    I’m the admin of TMB. Thanks for putting this up, but I’m afraid TMB is now closed. I had to shut it down because managing it was getting too stressful (and because real life caught up with me). =[


    1. Your forum existed when I had posted this blog, and I got the email saying you were shutting down… I was sad – but – good luck on any future endeavors! 🙂


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