Dubbed Publications Calls Writers/Bloggers!

Dubbed Publications

Dubbed Publications just started in late 2009. They offer consulting services to writers, and are currently looking to expand.

Right now, they’re in need of beginning and experienced writers for all genres, bloggers (any topic), practicing editors and copyeditors, and businesses and blogs who want to advertise with them.

They have a fiction blog and a forum.

They offer the following services:

Consultation for writing projects (creation, organization, research, proposals)
Visibility Services to help you get your name out there
Editing your writing, including manuscripts, resumes, short stories, and Internet content
Bits and Pieces (content creation)
Advertising (editors, agents, marketing personnel)

Dubbed Publications seems like they’d be willing to support any kind of writers, so why not give them a shot?

9 thoughts on “Dubbed Publications Calls Writers/Bloggers!

      1. I should, shouldn’t I Nancy?! But, alas, with your vitae, I’m afraid I probably couldn’t afford you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You are more than welcome to add your services to the Dubbed site and forum, though! We only do basic editing advice, so you won’t be stepping on any toes! Feel free to contact me! Everything you need is on the website!

        Thanks for the comment!


  1. Hello! I just came across this website from another website! I’m interested in improving my writing skills and eventually publishing a piece. Any suggestions? Thanks again…


    1. Hi there! I’d suggest you check out the links section of this blog – I listed a lot of good places to get feedback and some blogs with hints/tips. Hope it can help you! ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. And I agree, by all means, use every resource available. Maggie has worked hard to put together several great resources right here on her blog.

        Pull bits and pieces from everywhere and find what works for you! If you need a little extra help or get overwhelmed, that’s where posting questions to people like Maggie or contacting me comes in.


    2. I’m sure we can come up with several suggestions. A lot depends on your goals. It’s great to say I want to write and get published (that is the first step). The next step involves thinking about the ‘what and why.’ After that, you’ll have a clearer picture of the how, etc… My contact information is easy to find on the website, shoot me an email and we’ll talk. Thank you for your interest!


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