Last Minute Gift Idea

I cannot rave enough about this.

I got a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard as a Christmas present last year and it’s been purely awesome ever since I plugged it in. If you’ve worn away the keys on your old keyboard, consider getting this one.


1. Illuminated keys – there are four different levels of illumination (off, dim, bright, brightest)
2. Letters/numbers/symbols on keys will not wear away over time.
3. Very quiet.
4. Slim, attractive, businesslike.
5. It’s a Logitech product. (I have never had a problem with any of their products. Ever.)
6. Available either wired or wireless. (Mine’s wired.)


1. The wrist-rest part of the keyboard takes up a lot of space – it’s a bit of a design flaw.
2. It only comes in black.
3. Not ergonomic.

The average customer rating is a 4.5 on Amazon and that’s definitely not bad at all!

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