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Of all the websites I’ve featured on this blog, 750 Words is the one I’m most inclined to start using.

750 Words

Since I’m going to be revising my existing work in 2011 and I won’t be producing anything new and lengthy until NaNoWriMo comes around again, I’m going to feel kind of odd.

I’m thinking that I could use 750 Words to at least get a somewhat substantial amount of new writing in the new year. The website seems fun and simple enough – the interface is clean, it saves your work, it counts your words, you earn badges for a writing streak, you can sign up for “challenges,” etc.

At the same time, I find myself wanting to physically write instead of just typing all the time. (I’m also afraid of server and hard drive crashes.) 750 Words is roughly three written pages, so I could just as easily write it out on paper… hm… I guess I’ll keep thinking about it.

Have you tried 750 Words? Do you like it? Let me know! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cool Website –

  1. I wrote a poem by hand today. First handwritten writing in some time. A nice change of pace from sitting at the keyboard typing one perfectly formed letter after another.

    But for most longer works, I prefer fingers to keyboard ~ less wear and tear on my aging joints. 🙂

    Thanks, Maggie!


    1. It’s true – sometimes poems turn out better when they’re written by hand. I don’t always like the way the computer forces your words into straight lines across the page. 🙂


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