Cool Website – Critique Circle

I know a bunch of people who find this site useful, so why not feature it on my blog?

Critique Circle

Critique Circle is similar to websites like FictionPress, where you can submit your work and others can review it. Supposedly, everyone gets at least one critique, unlike other sites, where your work can languish for months without being read even once. The website seems to be geared towards writers who are seriously considering publication.

-It uses a point-based system, which I find irritating, but it may be motivational for other writers.

-It also has character name generators, a word meter builder, and a few other interesting tools that set it apart from other critique sites.

-It doesn’t allow fanfiction. This is a plus for me, but may be a turn-off to other writers who enjoy such things.

-There’s a forum on the site as well, but FictionPress also has forums. I don’t think I’d be dumping my FictionPress account for Critique Circle, but it may be a good alternate place to put my work.

Overall, my main motivation to use it would be the features mentioned above that aren’t offered on other sites, and the fact that you are supposedly guaranteed a critique.

Anyone here ever use Critique Circle? What are your favorite/least favorite features?

4 thoughts on “Cool Website – Critique Circle

  1. Never have used it. I joined WEbook about 2 years ago and used it to get and give feedback.

    I’ve since decided that I prefer following my gut instincts, rather than waiting for substantive feedback from others. I write from the heart and trust that my audience will appear.


    1. I’ve heard good things about WEbook. Feedback is good when you want to catch errors and have others give you a second perspective – but what you said is true – readers aren’t going to like everything you write and you shouldn’t necessarily alter it for them.


  2. Hello.
    I’ve joined critiquecircle. And it seems interesting. The people there look serious in giving feedback, unlike on other writing sites I’ve ever visited.
    However I wonder if the site is suitable for young and amateur writer like me. Since I’m still 15, just started writing and English is my third language (I feel it terribe), I doubt Critiquecircle will suit me.


    1. I would think so; maybe there is a group on there specifically made up of younger writers. (Your English is just fine.) 🙂


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