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I discovered PaperDemon about a month ago and it’s pretty neat.


At first glance, it reminded me of deviantART, which has the most amazing visual art ever. I rarely see any bad art on dA, but I’m getting off subject. I would argue that PaperDemon puts more emphasis on writing than deviantART does, and I suppose that’s what attracted me to it.

PaperDemon allows you to upload fanfiction, original fiction and poetry, artwork, and comics. You can get a premium version for $6 for six months or $10 for a year (again, comparable to deviantART, but PaperDemon is understandably cheaper – smaller website = smaller servers).

I’m not too thrilled about the layout of PaperDemon (the profile pages are kind of bland), but with premium membership you can get new profile skins.

It’s also got a sister site called Red Curtain, which is for mature content. I like that it doesn’t totally refuse mature content, like some comparable websites.

The uploading process was easy enough, but (for writing) you must upload in a .doc, .htm, or .html file. That’s not an issue for me since I hate .docx with a passion, but it might be inconvenient for some. The site also has a rich text editor, so if you want, you could just type directly into the box.

I don’t think I’d ever completely move away from FictionPress in favor of this website, but I may use it as an alternate spot to post writing. It could come in handy, and it’s free. 🙂

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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