NaNoWriMo Post #18

Where do you write? What are your preferred writing tools?

(For NaNoWriMo, I’d highly recommend using a laptop, going to a secluded spot, and hammering out words until your hands fall off.)

I used to write longhand, with a pen (never a pencil because it rubs off easily), in a college-ruled spiral notebook. Composition books are awful because you can’t fold them back and you can never rip out a page without messing up the binding.

My handwriting is terrible, so I switched to typing, which was more comfortable for me because

1. I could actually read what I had written.
2. I can type a lot faster than I write.
3. I don’t have to worry about pencil marks fading over time and pen marks smearing.
4. My hand/wrist doesn’t hurt when I’m done with a marathon writing session.

But I still write in only one place – my bedroom, because that is where the computer is. I don’t have a laptop, thus my PC anchors me to one spot. I still keep a notebook by my side to jot down random ideas and whatever else happens to pop into my head.

It’s hard for me to concentrate in other places anyway. If I did borrow my mother’s laptop and go somewhere else to write, even somewhere else in my house, I’d be distracted. (Or maybe I just have undiagnosed ADHD.)

When I was in community college, I would write longhand in notebooks, in the lounge/cafeteria area. I’d manage only three written pages a day, mostly because I’d be too busy people-watching to get anything else done. The upside of writing in a public place is that the inspiration is endless. There have been many times when I’ve put aside the work I was supposed to be doing and just wrote down things that I overheard.

I never regretted doing that because some of it was hilarious, some of it inspired new stories, and some of it gave me insight into my own problems.

My recommendation: carry a notebook or a small pad and pen with you wherever you go. You never know what you might overhear. 🙂

10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Post #18

  1. My handwriting is quite legible, but your other 3 reasons for typing rather than handwriting mirror my own.

    Like you, I write at my PC, in my bedroom, with a notepad and pile of ideas on my desk. I’m not interested in having a laptop ~ I like writing at my desk with a dictionary by my side.

    And when I’m “out and about” . . . an ever-ready notepad in my purse captures ideas as they arise.


    1. The only real reason I want a laptop is because it would be more efficient to have just that one piece of hardware instead of having a monitor, CPU, keyboard, and mouse. I’d have more room with just a laptop.


  2. My family’s computer is set up in our dining room. A very distracting place to be sure!

    I can usually tune things out though, to the point where my mom gets upset because I don’t realize she’s talking to me!


      1. My biggest distraction is all the other things I could be doing on the pc. Chatting, finding pics of my characters, things like that.


        1. That’s definitely one of my distractions. I end up pulling the Internet cord out of my PC so I don’t get lost for ages online.


  3. I have an obsession with notebooks! But it is true what you say about composition notebooks- they easily fall apart.
    Paper and pen everywhere is a must 🙂


    1. I have a notebook obsession, too. I have a ton of blank notebooks that I bought because they look pretty and I’m trying to figure out what to use them for! 🙂


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