NaNoWriMo Post #6

Top Five Biggest Stumbling Blocks to Writing

1. Letting others bring you down. – “What? You wanna be a writer? Get a real job.” And as for criticism and rejection – they’re realities of the writing game. Develop a thick skin and work with whatever criticism you have. Truly constructive criticism is a gift – use it well and don’t let it hinder your efforts.

2. The fear that you won’t be any good. – Squash that fear by reading all the time. Read everything. The more you read, the better you will write – and you may discover some truly awful books out there in print. (That should make you feel better about yourself.) And of course, the only other way to get “any good” at writing is to WRITE! Get your butt in the chair and just do it!

3. Stubborn characters. – Always remember that in the universe of your story, you are god. Don’t let your characters control you – and remember the famous saying: “Murder your darlings.” No matter how attached you might get to a particular character, always remember that he or she is dispensable. (And you can always work him or her into another book!)

4. Writing yourself into a corner. – In other words, writer’s block. Take a break. Sleep on your thoughts and see if you don’t come up with a way out of the corner the next morning. Brainstorm a list of things that can happen next – there’s always some kind of option, even if it’s totally off the wall.

5. Procrastination (and it’s a killer) – Break your writing up into 200 or 300-word segments. Take your laptop (or notebook and pen) to a room with few distractions. Make sure everything else is done before you start writing – that way you’ll have nothing else to do but WRITE!

What are your worst writing stumbling blocks? Have a great day! 🙂

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Post #6

  1. #5 is my biggest block. Writing for NaNoWriMo means writing…For hours…For free! But, I’ve chosen to do this for “fun,” and to allow myself a month to write exactly what I want to write without worry of its perfection at the end of 30 days.

    And, for the record, I like to think of it as “good idea block” instead of writer’s block. You can always write about something. Describe the look of the furniture for 500 words, or your character’s Africa-shaped bald spot, or your bad case of “writer’s block”…and then get your groove back on.

    Good luck!


    1. Thanks! I’m getting my word count, but my characters are irritating me… wish I could kill one of them off, but they’re both crucial to the plot, haha!


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