NaNoWriMo Post #3

Total NaNo word count so far: 5,236! Share yours in the comments below!

You Are Midnight

You are more than a little eccentric, and you’re apt to keep very unusual habits.
Whether you’re a night owl, living in a commune, or taking a vow of silence – you like to experiment with your lifestyle.
Expressing your individuality is important to you, and you often lie awake in bed thinking about the world and your place in it.
You enjoy staying home, but that doesn’t mean you’re a hermit. You also appreciate quality time with family and close friends.

Strange. I took this quiz expecting to get a nice, reasonable time when I’m actually awake, but instead I get midnight? Huh? I fall asleep somewhere around 10:30 most nights.

I write best in the morning to early afternoon, from about 7 to 1, with either coffee or chocolate by my side. As the day progresses, things get chaotic and I lose my concentration until around 8 at night, when I start feeling like revising.

For a break (or for the purpose of procrastination), take this quick, five-question quiz here and see what you get! Does it totally clash with your most productive time of day? Is it spot on? Leave a comment letting me know! 🙂

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Post #3

  1. I’m not sure the quiz is intended to show your most productive time of day.

    When quizes ask, “what color are you” . . . and you get purple or green, it’s the characteristics of that color (not the color itself) that we need to focus on.

    From what I know about you . . . you might indeed be a “midnight.”


    1. My theory is that time of day you identify most with may very well be your most productive time. It’s true that “Midnight” does fit who I am to some extent, but the nature of these quizzes is odd – I remember taking a similar quiz and my time of day was morning.

      Oh well, it’s all in fun! 🙂


  2. I also got midnight, which is usually when I go to bed. Very strange. It says we’re eccentric, though, so maybe there’s some truth to that.


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