“Every Creeping Thing” – poem

I felt like posting a random poem today. Enjoy, critique, whatever you wish. 🙂

“Every Creeping Thing” – October 27, 2009

My shadow,
independent of my body,
hung on his wall
in the confines
of a frame.

Stop running,
he said, wiping sweat from his face.
There will be a
time when you won’t
want to flee.

It is true.
Like Peter Pan did, I will rip
my shadow from
my feet and hand
it over.

I will give
you, willingly, everything,
all of my parts
As Van Gogh did
for his love.

Now capture
me, my heart, hand, navel, ear
kiss me sweet sweet
remove me from
who I am.

4 thoughts on ““Every Creeping Thing” – poem

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