Even More Things That Should Be Taught in High School

This is the third installment in the “stuff we need to know” series, preceded by these first and second blogs. It’s also an “encore” blog, since a lot of you commented with your suggestions on what should be taught. I picked ten of my favorites to post here, so here they are (in no particular order)

1. Credit Cards – Suggested by Zakton. With so many going into credit card debt these days, it’s essential to know the good and the bad about credit cards – how they work, interest rates, etc. I’d also list “banking” under here – how to balance a checking account, online banking, etc.

2. Etiquette and Personal Responsibility – Suggested by Life in the Boomer Lane, Sophie, Express Mom, and Being Liz Breen. There are a lot of smart-alec kids and teenagers running around these days and it’s irritating. They have little respect for anyone other than themselves and tend to blame others for what they’ve done. I think the principles of good old-fashioned etiquette should be taught first by the parents, then enforced in school and college.

3. Basic Car Repairs/Maintenance – Suggested by EmmKay and Beth Hull. You can save thousands of dollars if you are able to take care of your own vehicle – and you can avoid getting ripped off by shady repairmen!

4. Critical Thinking – Suggested by Janice, Jenny Ann Fraser, and N.R. Hatch. This is sorely neglected in public schools today, especially in favor of teaching kids how to perform well on standardized tests.

5. Basic Home Repairs/Maintenance – Suggested by Livvy30. As with car maintenance, you can save so much money if you learn how to do it yourself. As my uncle says, “Even the repairman had to learn it for the first time!”

6. Civics, Citizen Participation, Voting, Laws – Suggested by Rayme, Tamara, and Shelley. Extremely important. So many of the history/civics classes in high school don’t go into current affairs and government policies as much as they should. Exercise your right to vote – you CAN make a difference!

7. Insurance – Suggested by Chris. Auto and health insurance, homeowner’s insurance – all should be taught, as it can get really confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing! A little preparation can save you a lot of struggle.

8. Grammar – Suggested by Déborah. This is my pet peeve, too. It irritates me to no end when people get “your” and “you’re” (and “it’s” and “its”) mixed up. It’s been taught in every English class I’ve ever had, but there’s not enough emphasis placed on it. If you expect to be taken seriously in the working world, you better know some basic rules of grammar!

9. Self Defense – Suggested by The Daily Dimples. I don’t think this needs explanation.

10. CPR/First Aid – Suggested by The Daily Dimples. There will more than likely come a time in your life when you are faced with the opportunity to save someone else’s life. Be prepared!

I might do another blog with even more essential things in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone who commented last time – your suggestions are awesome! Thank you all for reading this time – and have a great day! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Even More Things That Should Be Taught in High School

  1. Most of these topics could be addressed in one or two classes during the four years of high school:

    We could call it Life 101 ~ financial accumen (bank accounts, renting vs. buying, mortgages, leases), ownership issues (insurance, repairs, maintenance), general health issues (fitness and nutrition), etiquette, etc.

    We could use critical thinking skills to problem solve and brainstorm in the class.


  2. These are great suggestions. A whole class about real life finances, credit cards, loans, etc. would be FABULOUS. Our entire generation is struggling with this one and trying to have everything our parents have NOW.


    1. I think classes like that should be required for all four years of high school or college. It’s definitely the kind of stuff that’ll be put to good use later on! Thank you for commenting! 🙂


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