The Packrat Story

My actual working title for this new project is “The Archives.” I’m really not sure what it is yet; so far it’s more of a novel-in-verse than anything else, although I have yet to define what the conflict is. I suppose that makes it more like a collection of ideas. Maybe whenever I deem it finished, I can carve something decent out of it.

Disclaimer: I did not plan ANYTHING of this story. The idea came to me while I was sitting behind the reception desk of a real estate office.

What I Want it to Be: Something beautiful. I admire authors like Laurie Halse Anderson, Ellen Hopkins, and Sonya Sones because they can turn the teen experience into a gorgeous work of literature.

What It Is: 100-word poems, or segments about a girl in her freshman/sophomore year of high school. She’s got a crush on one particular boy and she also falls in love with her high school – the building, the history within the building, and the lives of the students who go there. She finds what she considers “artifacts” all over the school and keeps them in a folder at her house (hence the “packrat story”). She considers herself an “archivist.” What I want to eventually have happen is that she figures out some deep, dark secret about the school – or someone/something within the school.

I was planning to write this story and collect 100-word segments for an entire year, archive them on my FictionPress page, then try to make it into either a prose novel, or refine the poems to make a novel-in-verse.