RIP Tyler Clementi and Asher Brown

Two suicides. Both the result of bullying and harassment. It’s a shame that these things happen. I thought that we were growing more tolerant of others’ differences as a society, but I guess I thought wrong (still naive, I suppose).


Asher Brown (ironically the name “Asher” means “happy”) was only thirteen years old when he shot himself with his stepfather’s gun. He’d been bullied at school for two years, according to articles floating around the Internet. Other kids made fun of his religion (Buddhism), his stature (he was small), his clothing (he didn’t wear Abercrombie and Fitch), and his sexuality (he was gay).

I think we were all bullied as children or teens – at least in some capacity. I was bullied when I was in middle school because I was a loner (still am) and I didn’t care about name-brand clothing (still don’t).

It’s terrible that a young boy had to die because of the ignorance of his peers. How many victims of bullying will believe that there’s no way out before something is done? Will there be another Columbine – God forbid.


Tyler Clementi was a talented college student (and only 18) when he ended his life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. The case isn’t the same as Asher Brown, but Tyler was still harassed by his roommate – and his privacy was violated. I’d classify that as a form of bullying.

It’s a shame that Tyler’s roommate – a fellow college student and supposedly “mature” – videotaped the sexual encounter between the two young men and showed it to others.

Was the roommate’s action the result of some kind of homophobia? Crazy college kid antics? Or just plain old disrespect?

Nothing condones Tyler’s roommate’s actions.


The moral of both of these stories is that we should ALWAYS respect others – no matter what their race, sexual orientation, beliefs, disabilities, or anything else. I don’t mean to preach, but things like this get me really incensed.

It’s like my psych professor said (I’m paraphrasing): “Be kind to everyone you meet because you never know what they might be facing.”

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