More Things That Should be Taught in High School

Just thinking of other things that everyone should know or at least have basic knowledge of once they turn 18… I know it’s idealistic, but it’s something we as Americans should strive to teach our own children.

1. Houses/Apartments – How to buy a house or rent an apartment should be something that’s taught everywhere. Lots of people get confused about mortgages, interest rates, and other things that come into account when looking for a home. I wish I had been taught these things.

2. World Religions/Cultures (including atheism and agnosticism) – This relates directly to this article. In order to be more open-minded and understanding of others, all Americans should be taught about the value of other beliefs and cultures. And not knowing about these things just makes us look stupid as a country…

3. Organization/Time Management Skills – Some people are born to be organized, even to the point of near-OCD, (I’m like that; everything has to be exactly in its place for me.) but others need a little help in that area. Managing time is especially important for the workforce. There’s so much out there that grabs our attention and sucks our time (Facebook, anyone?) that we really need to be mindful of how we spend the time we have.

Got any more you’d like to add to the list? Let me know! πŸ™‚

EDIT: Wow… I just found out I got Freshly Pressed… *blushes* Thank you for all your comments already – and I should have added a link to my previous post on this subject… so here it is: