Elementary School Lunches

I found a rather awesome blog today. I’d recommend it to teachers, parents, students, educational administrators… anyone who’s involved with kids.

Regarding school lunches, I remember that in middle school and high school I NEVER had the school’s lunch. I’d always pack my own. In elementary school, I would only buy the school’s lunch when they had either hot dogs (the red Carolina Packers brand – totally unhealthy but I love them) or spaghetti. Our lunch ladies actually cooked in my elementary schools. They didn’t just pop a bunch of cellophane-wrapped boxes in an oven and heat them up. I know that if that had been the case, I wouldn’t have been eating the school’s lunch at all.

I think if I ever have kids, I’ll probably end up packing their lunch, although I wouldn’t say no to a school lunch about every month or so. Everything in moderation.

So how was your school lunch experience?

One thought on “Elementary School Lunches

  1. My school lunch experiences varied gradually as I rose in the ranks.

    Elementary school and middle school most of the time I brought my lunch from home, parent made. Though to be honest when I did get food it was pretty freshly cooked. It was only pizza, and the little squares, but as far as I could tell it was (mostly) fresh.

    High school there were to options: regular lines, or what we lovingly (coughcough) referred to as the “welfare line”. Ironically, it was cheaper and healthier. It had actually prepared food, but only the teachers really went through that line, or the health nuts.

    It wasn’t until I was in college that I looked back and realized how stupid I was for never going into that line to actually eat real food for lunch.

    The regular line had chicken strips, french fries, pizza, and pizza. Oh so healthy we were. Add on the six or seven soda vending machines at our school, it was pretty amazing that we weren’t all two-hundred pounds coming out.


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