A Delicious Breakfast of Spam and Copypasta… and Lady Gaga Talking Politics

Well, it seems that I can’t do anything with Twitter at the moment because of a nasty virus.

If you see any weird tweets coming from my account or any other, don’t even slide your mouse over them. They’ll take you to porn sites.

Be careful on the Internet, and whatever you do, please don’t spam!

On a completely different note, I wanted to talk about Lady Gaga and the whole anti-DADT thing that’s been going on lately.

I’m not sure how many people are going to take Lady Gaga seriously when she starts talking politics. She’s given herself an image as a frivolous pop star – she can’t go from pop star to political activist overnight, although there have been many pop culture figures who have attempted to in the past.

I’m not saying she shouldn’t speak at all. She has the same rights as any American citizen. What Lady Gaga’s fighting for is a good cause, of course. It’ll also help her legion of fans (most of whom are under 30, I would think) to be more active in politics and to care about where this country is headed, but I don’t see any established politicians taking her seriously.

Let me know your opinions on this – just be considerate. Have a great day!