I love deadlines. I like knowing the exact date and time when something is due so I can plan every step of the project. Even shifting deadlines don’t really bother me because I can usually formulate a different strategy and re-plan quite quickly.

I’m no longer in school, so there aren’t as many deadlines lurking around. So I made my own because without a deadline, nothing gets done.

XIII: Epode, the third in my series of “epic urban fantasy” novels, is nearing completion. The original self-imposed deadline for the second draft is today. It’s supposed to be finished by 11:59 PM today.

Alas, I don’t think that will be happening. I have three chapters left to write – one is half finished and the other two have yet to be written.

Chapter 48: so far, I have exactly 4,071 words and I’m still not finished. Usually, my chapters range from 1,300 to 2,000 words. I’m estimating Chapter 48 to be around 6,000 words when it’s finished; possibly even more. The reason it’s so long is because it’s an ‘epic battle scene’ and I hate writing those. I think, when I revise, that I’m somehow going to make these battle scenes very different, so they’re more enjoyable to write.

Chapter 49: I think I’m going to make this one around 1,000 words.

Chapter 50: The grand finale chapter, which will more than likely be around 2,000 words.

Then I can be finished with that and move on to planning XIII: Strophe, which I was to begin on September 23 and complete on November 11.

September 21 and 22 were for planning XIII: Strophe, but it looks like they’re going to be for finishing up XIII: Epode. Either way, it should all work out in the end and I’ll get things done by my self-imposed deadlines.

Enough procrastinating – to writing, I go! But share with me, please – do you like having a deadline? Hate them with a passion? Let me know – and have a great day! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Deadlines

  1. Deadlines can be useful, but I often miss the ones I impose on myself. For one thing, I don’t really scare myself enough to feel threatened…But I’m always doing little deadlines and planning when such and such is going to be finished. Half the time though, it is only wishful thinking to actually do it. Which is why it’s usually good to have some kind of outside influence to motivate yourself. I know I’m telling myself that I’m going to finish my latest book (Legendary Race) by the end of this year. Which would mean doing one chapter a week and not missing a single one (which is something I’m struggling with, especially with my current health problems). But I am going to try my best. And I wish you luck with yours. I know you probably have more chance to finish yours than I do (as you write a heck of a lot more on any given day it seems!).


    1. The main reason I’m meeting any of my deadlines at all and writing so much every day is because I’ve finished college and am trying to find a job. The job search gets tedious and exhausting, hence the need to write and focus my mind on something else!

      Best of luck with your writing! 🙂


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