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I’ve heard that if you publish a book through a traditional publisher (one of the big six, for example), you (as the author) have very little control over the cover art of your creation.

However, if you self-publish, you can design your own cover.

I am probably the least artistically-inclined person in the world, so drawing something for my book’s cover art is totally out of the question.

Of course, stealing someone else’s picture from Google Images and then editing it is also out of the question.

So here’s a horrible picture (taken by me) that may eventually become cover art in some form or other.

Peter 3

I uploaded the picture to Photobucket and used the editing tools on there, which aren’t that good. I want to eventually get Photoshop and start learning how to use it (and plus, that’s useful for my future career, anyway).

It’s possible that I just don’t have an eye for design. I think I’ll eventually get better at it.

For anyone reading this, how do you design your book covers if you self-publish? What software do you use? What types of images and fonts?

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Book Cover Art

  1. I too am horrible at designing! I have not published anything (or even edited for that matter), but for fun I did create book covers for my website. All of them are really simple, since as I said, I don’t have a flair for design. At first I used back when there was a lot more available for free. For my latest one, I used photoshop and a template I found online. Probably the best thing to do is research other book covers for your type of book to get some ideas on how it is done. Or beg someone that is better at it to do it for you! 🙂 As someone who doesn’t know anything about your book yet, if I saw that cover, I would think gritty and maybe a bit dark, but with some hope/light in there. Is that anything like it? And the picture is quite good. Nice and artsy!


    1. Hmm… I may have to try that site! Thanks for the recommendation! And I do know a lot of people who are much more artistic than me, so perhaps I’ll enlist one of them. I picked the candle for the book cover because the main symbol in the story is the candle – and you got it right – there is lots of darkness, yet some light within the main character’s personality. I’m glad it made sense to someone!

      Thanks again for your comment!



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