Inspiration and Dreams

Often, the best ideas come from dreams.

Twilight, love it or hate it, came from a dream and turned into a phenomenon.

For me and many other writers, aspiring and published, the best inspiration comes totally free from dreams and other workings of the subconscious.

There’s nothing more romantic than lying in bed before you’re about to fall asleep and thoughts dart across your mind. Usually, they’re beautiful thoughts – the colorful beginning fragments of dreams. Usually, you’re too comfortable in your slumber to grab pen and paper and jot them down.

The same happens in the morning… that blissful state of deep sleep just before the alarm rudely jolts you awake. Dreams meander through your thoughts, fragments still colored by sleep that are just rational enough to be novel, poetry, or short story ideas. These guys are a lot easier to capture, since you are going to be waking up shortly.

Seek inspiration from dreams as much as you can. Dreams give you insight that you don’t normally have in the daylight hours. They make you consider things you wouldn’t normally think about otherwise.

Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind! Pleasant and inspiring dreams to all!