5 Sites to Help You Stay Organized

Organization is one of my top priorities. If things aren’t in order, I go crazy until I find some kind of way to get them organized. These websites help me – and they may help you!

1. Toodledo

I discovered this only about a month ago – it’s a free service (although you can pay to upgrade) that allows you to make to-do lists, prioritize, categorize the things you need to do, and… there’s an iPhone app for it!

2. Becomed

Despite its grammatically incorrect name, Becomed is a great tool to organize your job search. It looks good, it’s easy to use, and you have to option to get reminders in your email of everyday tasks related to interviews, follow-up, etc.

3. Portaportal

Little-known gem of a site where you can store links you find on the Internet. Make bookmarks that you can access on any computer (with a username and password) and create categories to organize each group of links. Portaportal enables you to permit guests to visit your links; they need a guest password that you can designate. It’s got simple color schemes to make it look pretty – and it’s free, although you can upgrade for $15 a year.

4. Basecamp

Used by both small and large businesses, Basecamp is a collaboration tool that allows you to manage projects, create tasks, and share them with co-workers. It’s not free, and there are different pricing options with different features, but it is affordable. The interface is attractive and easy-to-use and it’s always satisfying when you check off a task!

5. Photobucket

If you’re like me and you’re averse to having all your photos on Facebook, simply store them in Photobucket. You can make each album public or private, and each can have its own layout and design. The website gives each picture its own HTML code and link, so you can embed pictures into websites or share them easily with others. I’ve used Photobucket for 4 years now and it’s never failed me!

If you know of any more websites to help you get organized, drop me a line and I’ll add them to the list! Thanks for reading and have a great day!