The Awesomeness that is Pocky

Bliss. Chocolate-covered biscuit stick bliss in a box that costs $1.08 at select Wal-Marts. While it’s normally given a bad rap as an overrated, over-expensive treat for anime fanboys, I think Pocky is worth every penny.

It doesn’t just come in one flavor. There are dozens. There are boxes of giant Pocky, which are sticks three times the diameter of normal Pocky. There’s men’s Pocky, which is made with bittersweet chocolate (I have no idea why it’s called “men’s”; I’m a girl and I’d eat it anyway!), there’s “dessert Pocky”, which features a stick sheathed in delicious cream…

In essence, there’s a flavor for everyone. Have you ever had Pocky? Are you a Pocky-holic? Leave me your thoughts and have a great day! 🙂

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