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EDIT: I’ve also compiled a bigger list in the Links page of this blog. Check it out!

Here’s a list of websites I’ve discovered, being that I’m on the Internet way more than a healthy person should be. I’m also procrastinating from real writing, so why not make a list? And they’re fun – and free. 🙂

1. 100Words

It calls itself a “social tasking” site. The goal is to write a 100-word entry every day – the content and subject matter are entirely up to you. The handy word counter on their website lets you know when you’ve hit exactly 100 words. The one problem I have with this site is that once an entry is posted, you can’t delete it or edit it. Even so, getting in the 100-words-a-day habit is seriously addicting – and good for your writing!

2. Word Count Journal

I’ve just recently begun using this. Your first journal entry consists of one word, the second entry consists of two, and so on, until your 365th entry consists of 365 words – then your journal has ended and you have the option of beginning a new one. The site is attractive and easy to use (it also contains a handy-dandy word counter). Drawback: lots of spam accounts.

3. One Million Monkeys Typing

I’ve never used this website before, but I’ve heard good things about it. It’s a “collaborative writing project,” where you work with other writers to create stories that can branch off in a million different directions. It’s cute because there’s a nice tree metaphor going on; you start with a “sapling” story, then other writers can create “shoots” and “branches.”

4. StoryMash

Another website I haven’t used, and it’s similar to One Million Monkeys – another collaborative writing site. Being that this is the age of the Internet, collaborative writing is apparently all the rage. Probably has a great deal to do with post-modern expression and all that… perhaps you should give it a shot, especially since you’ll be working with others who have the same interests as you!

5. FictionPress

Ah, my all-time favorite! Out of all the sites that allow you to post original works, FP is by far the best, in my opinion. There are no chapter limits or word count limits, so you can have a chapter with 10,000 words if you want. It allows you to write your chapters on Microsoft Word, Open Office, or any common word processing software (even the humble Notepad) and upload them quite easily. The only drawback is that there is very limited formatting once the documents are uploaded. You’re almost guaranteed to get some pageviews and perhaps reviews/critiques of your work. For the most part, FictionPress members are really friendly and if you review their stuff, they’ll review yours.

6. NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo isn’t just for November. It’s a great procrastination tool for the rest of the year; the forums are great. When November rolls around, you make up your profile and share your growing novel with other writers hammering out their 50k-word epics. Share the pains and pleasures of National Novel Writing Month together.

These last two are bonuses…

7. Plurk

It’s not really a writing site, but I thought I’d include it here anyway. Plurk is Twitter’s little-known country cousin. You can update in sentence-long chunks as many times per day as you like. The website itself is laid out in a timeline format (my former roommate called it a football field), and I find it more aesthetically pleasing than Twitter. The drawback is that it’s a “karma-based” system, which means that the more you post or comment on friends’ posts or invite friends, you get points. If you neglect your Plurk account, you’ll lose points. I’m not a huge fan of karma-based systems because I find them annoying, but… I’m just sayin’.

8. TastyWord

I’m including it down at the bottom because they’ve closed registration for the time being and I have no idea when they’ll re-open, if ever. This is the most basic writing site you could ask for. Just pick a layout and start typing away. What irritates me about it is that there’s no help or customer support that I can see. You can’t change your username, email address, or password, and you can’t delete your site. If you’re a huge fan of simplicity, check it out (if they ever open up registrations again).

If there’s any websites you’d like me to add, let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂

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