A Poem a Day Keeps Writer’s Block at Bay

I’ve made a decision.

I’m going back to writing one poem per day. It keeps the observant part of my brain awake and it obviously helps me practice my writing. I recommend this to any writer, whether you’re a poet or not. Poetry skills translate well to novels, screenplays, and other forms of writing.

There were no rules for this exercise, except to write one poem per day. It can be any kind of poem (although I tend to write haiku and other short forms when I’m really pressed for time) and if for some reason you have to skip a day, just write two the next day.

Goals I Want to Accomplish

1. Stop writing about love so much.

2. Write more poems in form.

3. Learn about meter.

4. Try (though it is torture!) to write another sonnet.

5. Revise existing poetry and begin to submit to any literary magazine that will have it.

Poet’s Market is a great resource. Check it out!

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