Humorous Websites to Brighten Your Day

In no particular order are several amusing websites I’ve found throughout the years. (They’re also great procrastination tools!) Feel free to comment with others you like!

1. Am I Right?

This website’s motto is “Making Fun of Music, One Song at a Time” and that’s precisely what it does. They’ve got archived parodies, misheard lyrics, and pretty much anything else you can think of having to do with music.

2. Funny Junk

Although this website dubbed itself “4chan’s retarded younger brother” at one point, the stuff on there is pretty hilarious, albeit immature. Nerdy humor and 4chan inside jokes abound. Some of the material isn’t particularly work-safe, so proceed at your own risk.

3. Awkward Family Photos

From the perverted, to the hilarious, to the just plain stupid, this website contains lots of family photos gone wrong. Check out their sister site, Awkward Family Pet Photos.

4. Stuff You Should Hate

I just discovered this blog yesterday. The author blogs about common irritations that everyone experiences; it’s the shared experience of American humanity that brings the humor.

5. Urban Dictionary

Of course, Urban Dictionary. How would we know the definitions of common slang terms without it? It does tend to border on the perverted and the stupid, but it’s a great site to visit for a few laughs.