To Facebook or Not to Facebook… That is the Question

It’s been nearly three months since I completely deleted my Facebook page – not deactivated, but totally deleted it. For all I know, the information I’ve posted on there is still floating somewhere in the abyss of the Internet, but at this point I don’t care. I deleted my page because I was tired of reading drama-filled posts, tired of narcissism (so I got my own blog, haha!), and tired of people pretending to be my friend online when they haven’t spoken to me in years in real life.

I’m very happy to be off Facebook, for the most part. The one thing that bothers me about my deleted account is not that my true friends can’t get in touch with me (they’ve all got my email address, and the ones who are really my friends have my phone number), but that Facebook is becoming as ubiquitous as the cell phone.

If you’ve read previous posts in this blog, you already know that I’m probably the only 22-year-old American alive who does not have one. Now that I don’t have a Facebook, I feel totally out of the loop, but as I said, not in terms of friends, but…

in terms of job seeking. I’ve applied to lots of jobs where a certain portion of them (because they’re entry level) require the candidate to update and maintain Facebook, Twitter, or blog pages. My guess is that many employers assume (and rightly so) that young, entry-level candidates are fluent in social media – especially Facebook. (As far as I knew, the vast majority of my Facebook friends did not have Twitter pages, and if they did have them, they didn’t update on a regular basis.)

I would still consider myself pretty fluent in social media. I know my way around Facebook’s complicated privacy settings, I know how to write on others’ Walls, create notes, put up events, etc. I have a Twitter, I obviously use this site, I’ve been on LiveJournal and similar sites for over four years (although I’ve rarely seen a company that requires its candidates to know LJ), I can still tinker around with MySpace (again, I’ve rarely seen companies that utilize it), I once had a Tumblr (but migrated here), and I’m signed up with Blogger.

My biggest worry is that I’ll be required to have a Facebook page. In some ways, I do want one, if only to develop a professional image and perhaps market myself as an author when I’ve actually got some finished stuff to market. (That will be a long time coming – it’s a big work-in-progress.)

I wonder when the day will come that having a Facebook (or other social networking site) will be a requirement for all jobs. I’ve already seen jobs where having a cell phone is an absolute requirement…

Perhaps I should bite the bullet and get in line with technology – buy a cell phone with a relatively inexpensive plan (I don’t need text messaging – or do I?), and start a new Facebook page. Or maybe I’ll just wait and see if perhaps the whole social media phenomenon will just fizzle out of its own accord… we’ll see how it goes!

To all who bothered to read – have a great day and feel free to leave any comments you might have!