Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self

Because I saw it on the Freshly Pressed page, I want to write one! (I’m such a lemming, haha!)

Dear 16-year-old Maggie,

I want to scream at you and slap you in the face – but I’ll restrain myself, especially since this letter will never actually be sent and is all a fiction.

First, a few do-nots.

1. Don’t waste your time with <redacted>. Break up with him now and save yourself literally years of irritation. (Yes, I said years. Do not be excited about this.)

2. Don’t bother worrying about what the kids at school think of you. High school doesn’t last forever, even though you’re tempted to think that, especially since it’s your junior year.

3. Don’t worry about Senior Project. It’s not a huge deal. They’re just trying to scare you – because they know you’re easily scared.

4. Don’t put too much faith in high school guys. You’ll meet better ones in college!

And now the dos…

1. Do trust your parents. They love you. Always believe this.

2. Do believe that God will get you through. He always has and he always will.

3. Do befriend <redacted>. Stay friends with <redacted> and the rest of the girls. Stick close to <redacted>, too.

4. Do keep writing. Do it now, while you’re free.

In short, don’t be afraid of anything. There’s nothing worth being afraid of at this point. Be your cute, exuberant self and don’t let anyone bring you down – at this point, none of this stuff matters in the long run. Take it easy and have fun.

With much love,

22-year-old Maggie

P.S. The urge to scream at you and slap you is gone. Now I’ll just give you a reassuring pat on the back and we can go about our merry ways, haha!

2 thoughts on “Letter to My Sixteen-Year-Old Self

  1. Maggie,

    I love your blog. I am a high-school teacher and former teenager myslef. I really enjoyed reading “Letter to Myself” and your “Things That Should be taught” is so true. Both of these post were informative and inspiring. I hope you’ll leave them up so I can check back for responses from time to time.

    I want to quote you on my blog site as well.

    Best Wishes!


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