Rings, Part I

Below is a picture of my beloved purity ring. I got it on June 6, 2009 and will wear it until the day I am married.

TLW Ring

If you can’t read the words engraved on the band (I don’t blame you if you can’t; my photography skills are nil), they say “Love Waits.” I believe that with all my heart and I will honor the promise I made.

So… what do you think of purity rings? Did you see that episode of South Park where they were making fun of them (I think they made fun of them on Family Guy, too… or perhaps it was American Dad!)? What do you think of the Jonas brothers wearing purity rings? Do you think it’s just a passing fad? Do you wear one or know anyone who does? Feel free to leave whatever thoughts you wish.

2 thoughts on “Rings, Part I

  1. Working with a company that sells purity rings, I can honestly say that purity rings change lives. I have talked with several people that are so excited to get their purity ring, or to get a purity ring for someone. I hope they aren’t a fad. If it is a fad, I hope it’s something that sticks, just because of what it encourages.


    1. Your comment makes me happy! And I also agree with you; I really hope they’re not a fad either. A physical object with an important promise linked to it should be treated as something very special! Thank you for commenting and have a great day!


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