No Smoking

A really short rant about smoking, inspired by beautiful young teenage/twenty-something girls (no, I’m not a pedophile or a creep – just a concerned citizen).

You girls are really pretty. You’re young, energetic, and you’ve got everything going for you. Why are you smoking? There are lots of things you could be spending your money on. I see you in the store, chatting with your friends, and then you go outside and light up a cigarette. Why?

Here’s a commercial from YouTube about smoking – it might be extreme, but at 30 seconds long, it’s definitely worth a watch.

The point is, the costs of smoking far outweigh any benefits. I know it’s very hard to quit, but if you try and succeed, it’s one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself.

Feel free to leave any comments and opinions. If you smoke, why? If you don’t smoke, why?